Enough is enough! Incorrect tenders cost you and us time and money.

Not all stainless steel is the same.

Gloss level, corrosion resistance, surface, quality and alloy must be defined, otherwise you get something.

ROOFINOX is the inventor of HFX stainless. We are an Austrian manufacturer and the only complete supplier of roof and facade systems. Like no other.

Do you know what you get when you order stainless steel?
Colour, appearance, patination, gloss, mattness, thickness, rust, combinability with materials or corrosion resistance differ significantly.

ROOFINOX began developing a highly flexible stainless steel over 30 years ago. The result is HFX stainless that is noticeably more flexible and glare-free while retaining the proven advantages of stainless steel (rust-free, stronger, more durable).

HFX stainless prevents mistakes!

Incorrect tenders are our daily bread, because with the variety of materials, surfaces and properties, it is easy to lose your bearings.

So take the opportunity for a 12-minute webinar or a personal meeting to bring yourself up to date with the latest technology. We would also be happy to show you how HFX stainless can help you to simplify tendering and planning.

With so many possibilities, you should know what you want and how to advertise it.

We are happy to help you with this.
Otherwise you will get something, certainly not what you wanted.

There are many terms and ambiguities in connection with stainless steel, so there can be a lot of need for dialogue.


  • Brush rolled / bead blasted / mirror rolled / tin plated / ground / brushed / mirror polished / coated / etc.


  • HFX stainless / V2A / V4A / 1.4301 / 1.4404 / 1.4401 / 1.4510 / 1.4509 / 1.4521 / Duplex / Super-Duplex / etc.
  • Stainless steel / acid-resistant stainless steel / 304 / 316L / 439 / alloy steel / etc.


  • patinated / electro-coloured / smooth / matt / non-patinated / textured / bright / hot rolled / etc.


  • Appearance:
    Reflection / roughness, / gloss level / UV resistance / etc.
  • Mechanical:
    Mouldability / strength / expansion / workability / solderability / etc.
  • Chemical:
    Rust resistance / corrosion resistance / salt resistance / etc.


  • Roof / facade / roof drainage / flashing / thickness / width / format / shingles / profiles / etc.

We are happy to advise you, because we also want to save time and money. Register yourself or your team for a 12-minute webinar or a personal consultation about HFX stainless for roofs, facades and roof drainage.


Find out in a personal meeting what you should pay attention to when deciding on materials. This will help you to avoid undesirable results and complaints.
To experience the quality of our products and surfaces, we will be happy to send you a sample folder with original sample sheets.

From Austria - the better alternative

ROOFINOX is the Austrian manufacturer of the only complete stainless steel system for roofs and facades. Like no other.

The following 9 properties show some of the differences between HFX stainless, conventional stainless steel and other construction metals. At the same time, these properties are the main reasons why HFX stainless is perceived as a better alternative.

4 times stronger

HFX stainless is four times stronger than aluminium. This makes HFX stainless the strongest construction metal and particularly resistant to hail, storms and vandalism.

4 times matte

HFX stainless is four times more matte (88% less reflection) than conventional stainless steel. Because shiny stainless steel surfaces only belong on buildings if they are desired.

35% more flexible

The highly flexible HFX stainless was specially developed for roofs and facades. It is therefore 1/3 more flexible than conventional stainless steel and ensures a more attractive result.

1/3 less expansion

Less waviness, less expansion noise, less stress on the supporting structure and the longest roof membranes thanks to the low thermal expansion of HFX stainless.

80% less CO2 emissions

250m² of HFX stainless roof or facade saves 64,000 kilometres of driving compared to conventional stainless steel. A typical specialist company thus saves 1,600,000 kilometres per year!

60-year warranty

The best building metal goes hand in hand with the longest warranty for roof and facade systems available on the market.

Colour without colour

Coloured HFX stainless retains its colour without pigments or paints. This means that our coloured surfaces provide colour for generations.

Complete system

We are the only and first complete supplier of roof and facade systems made of HFX stainless. Everything from a single source.

From Austria

Why rely on global supply chains when good things are so close at hand?

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